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Session 2 Day 9

Tanning day (the UV was 10)!!And last day of slalom :(. Today we ran our first top-to-bottom course with two hairpins, two flushes AND two delays. I think the coaches had a lot of fun setting and deciding what we needed to work on today. After a few full-course runs we moved to sectioning, and so much improvement was shown on the combinations and it was a great way to close out slalom. The original dryland plan was yoga, but it quickly became a hotly debated topic in the WhatsApp chat. There were objections, there were votes, there were sides, but a compromise was reached. The coaches listened to the majority of our athletes, and we got to go on the Lower Twin Lake hike for a quick two miles and a refreshing swim after. We had a super yummy italian dinner courtesy of the Wilson family, and Lynn got the night off! The italian was a great source of carbs and energy for our second-first day of GS tomorrow! After dinner, there was a team trip to Volcano Cones and an early bedtime for our 5:15 wake up. It’s sad that there’s only 2 more days left, but everyone is going to make the most of them!

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