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Session 2 Day 10

Second to last day :(. The first day of this GS session was definitely a challenge, but all the athletes stepped up to help out the coaches. The course required much more salt than usual to maintain it, but everyone pitched in to help get the coaches bags of it. Everyone did a great job on their slip runs and the course was maintained as well as it possibly could be with the conditions. We had one of our first foggy days, and it was a bit windier. Today was definitely a good day for building good and safe habits, especially in not ideal conditions. Coaches did a great job with the even top-to-bottom set, allowing for us to ease back into the different style of GS.  The coaches had us clean the wax/tune area as well as to start packing, just another reminder of the little time we have left out here. We had another passionate petition in the WhatsApp chat today, however this one was advocating for a movie drylands. The coaches compromised once again, and decided to take us to the movies tomorrow! For dinner we had all the leftover Italian from the Wilsons, and it was even better than last night! The girls did some french braids, and had an early bedtime for our very last day at Hood this summer. We are definitely going to ski our best and hardest tomorrow!

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