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HART provides the framework across all domains: conditioning, off-season ski training, in-season ski training, equipment preparation, physical and mental education, and race season athlete management for our athletes to achieve their goals. In recognition of multiple individual entry points into our system, we match the workload and content of athletes programs to their gender, age, and athletic milestones athletes hit along the way.

Our approach is progressive, leans toward heavy volume of on-snow ski training to habituate technical and tactical skill building, values athleticism as the most significant form of conditioning and places accountability for behavior and effort on the athlete.

Conditioning is geared toward developing athleticism, emphasizes proper movement patterns, and respects biological age. Year-round on-snow training emphasizes high volume and quality skill building in concert with appropriate race season management. Physical education programming teaches students basic physiology, nutrition, and mental
training skills.

Most importantly, we strive to foster a lifelong passion for skiing and active lifestyles. 


This is an advanced-level racing program. Technique and tactical refinement is the focus of this group. Skiers develop solid racing technique while learning course tactics in all disciplines and use imagery to help performance. Skiing skills are further developed with directed free skiing and drills, gate training, and general free skiing . While the program still provides a fun and social environment for the athletes, members must show up ready to work hard to improve and achieve their personal goals. Must qualify for this program by ability level.


$2800 includes Hilltop season pass


Monday through Thursday 5:30-8:00 at Hilltop

Saturdays 10-4 at Alyeska

Sundays 10-4 at Alyeska



Moving up from the Devos this 3 session a week program, athletes continue to build a strong technical base and learn to excel in all aspects of skiing, from freeskiing steeps and powder to top-level racing. This 3- day program is a great way to build your on your ski racing through skiing moguls, powder, and steeps in addition to some Slalom and Giant Slalom gate training and race-specific drills. At this level they will compete at the Youth Ski League races (YSL) and potentially some USSS ski races depending upon age and ability. Our athletes have the opportunity the excel to the best of their ability while having fun with their coaches and fellow athletes.


$2100 includes Hilltop season pass


Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 5:30-8:00 at Hilltop

Saturday Alyeska 11:00-3:00 (Optional) $300 



This 2 session a week program introduces the fundamentals of alpine ski racing to young athletes. The program's philosophy is to encourage self-confidence, discover what a sense of accomplishment fells like, and learn/improve good sportsmanship supporting all those they ski with and compete against. Most importantly, we strive to have fun on the mountain through a positive racing experience all the while making sure they learn the foundation of ski skills and instilling a passion for skiing that can last a life time. The Devo's athletes have an opportunity to participate in all the Youth Ski League races during the season. Their coaches work hard to build that strong fundamental foundation to skiing, training gates, as well as ample time to explore the entire mountain free skiing with their coaches and fellow athletes.

$1650 includes Hilltop season pass

Tuesday & Thursday 5:30-8:00 at Hilltop

Saturday Alyeska 11:00-3:00 (Optional) $300 



A fun filled introduction to racing for ages 5-6 year olds. They will build on the basic skills they already have. This age group will get to participate in Youth Ski League races developed to introduce these athletes into racing in a fun environment.


$875 includes Hilltop season pass


Tuesday or Wednesday 5:30-7:30 at Hilltop



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