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Session 2 Day 8

Back to slalom! We were lucky enough to get a freeze overnight, and snow conditions were hard-packed and great. For our second slalom session we had our first course of panel slalom (which was also a first for me), and it was such a helpful drill before getting into the tall gates. We had two sections of tall gates and one of stubbies at the very end. We moved into setting combinations in the course for the first time this summer, and were practicing with a few flushes! Once we got back to the house, Lynn had the usual amazing sandwich platter, and a great surprise of fresh grilled chicken and taco ingredients! A lot of the boys made heaping plates of nachos, and some of us made rice to have a homemade chipotle bowl. For drylands we had a close and competitive game of Speedball, and both Rob and JP made appearances for the game in the first time! Kate I. and I were captains. When attempting to chase Jude B. Rob pulled a hammie, and JP took his place, showing off his competitive side. There were quite a few tackles, and even a reset to the scoreboard when my team was up… But no matter! We got in a quick trip to the river for some more cold plunges, and quite a few people even crossed it to the other side and back. Post-river we took over the DQ and then had a great dinner of veggie and meat Lasagnas! We have a warm day with a high UV tomorrow and we are all looking forward to it!

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