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Session 2 Day 6

Best groom the coaches have seen this season!! The mountain crew did an amazing job filling in the ruts and left us a perfect hard packed pitch. It was a great present to walk up to! Every athlete ran full course, and so much confidence was built through technique  drills, especially some of Leffler’s open-space drills. After another great sandwich spread from Lynn, we did a quick 2 mile hike out to Mirror Lake just a few minutes away. Conor offered a trail run option up to the lake, and also decided to lead a small group on a longer ridge hike. We ran parts, and ended up hiking around 6 miles. It was so worth it for the amazing views of Mt. Hood and Government Camp. Once we got down to the bottom a very nice food-truck man gave us iced waters, and we even saw a wedding. The coaches decided to delay video to tomorrow morning because… white water rafting is tomorrow! We get our first (and only) sleep in, and a Starbucks trip!! We can’t wait to be in the rapids, and hopefully see a few flips!

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