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Session 2 Day 5

Today was definitely hotter. With highs of around 75 on the hill, everyone was down to just shorts and at peak mobility! The weather is totally the coaches favorite part of summer camp, as it lets us skiers be in just our GS suits and moving as precisely as possible. We had a full top-to-bottom GS course set, and we had a great slipping and sectioning system going. Snow conditions held up as well as possible, and we were able to get up to more than 5 runs in the course, alongside 2 extra drill runs. Leffler and JP decided to get us out 15 minutes earlier than usually (6:00 departure), and it really paid off in the lift lines. After practice we had a great sandwich setup where Jeremy N. showed off his sandwich making skills (picture below), and then a team-wide spike all tournament. Not to brag, but Rohan and I took the win with a 10-0 record. I even got redemption on Conor from the last tournament when we beat him. We had a great cooldown in the Collins Lake pool today, and spent some time in the hot tub and sauna as well. We came back home to a taco bar (shout out to Lynn), and then split up for the usual video routine. Post video the team split up for some ice cream trips, sunset hikes, and laundry loads. Overall a pretty full and productive day, and we are all looking forward to getting in some GS turns in the cooler weather tomorrow!

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