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Session 2 Day 4

Hottest day yet! For our (temporarily) last slalom day, we didn’t have any hop-turns set up 🥲. We got to run three courses from the top to midway, and so much progress was made. Nearly every athlete saw major improvements during video when comparing the first run to the last. We did something a little different, and athletes were able to pick our favorite video from the day to review with a coach of our choice. Video was such a fun time, and it went very smoothly with distribution. For drylands, we went on our first hike of the session! We did a 1.7 mile out-and-back at the beautiful Tamanawas Falls hike. Conor and Sean led some trail runners for the hike, but it was definitely not all of us… Once we were all at the top together we had some fun photo sessions posing for JP’s camera, and Nathan S. even went in for a swim! Sadly there was no Starbucks run on the way home, however Lynn had a yummy baked-potato dinner waiting for us. We finished off the night with some last minute Govy desert runs, and a Maze Runner film session. We can’t wait for the first day of GS tomorrow!

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