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Session 2 Day 2

Hero snow at Hood?? Our session two kids must have lots of luck. Snow and training conditions were perfect and held up for the whole training session. Shockingly though, that wasn’t even the highlight of the day! After a quick stop at the condos for lunch, we all headed to The Field for a quick dry land circuit, but it doesn’t end there. We treated ourselves to a ‘cold plunge’ at the river, and had the best time. Julia V. set a new record, going five for five on cold plunge jumps! There were dives, and even some backflips. On the way home, Rob obviously needed his DQ so our athletes got a much needed ice cream break. There was then a hot tub adventure (running between multiple hotels and hot tubs), and then a mad dash for dinner. Lynn had a delicious mac and cheese hot and ready in the kitchen for a perfect carby dinner, along with some caesar salad. The cheesy garlic bread disappeared pretty fast too… Video after dinner was productive, and Conor did a great job instructing on form and technique, and we are all so excited to start applying his coaching tomorrow in gates!!!

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