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Early Bird Discount
Registration by July 31st is as follows

For Minis:  $50 off 

For Devos, Junior PT & Junior FT:  $100 off

There is an additional discount for families that have more than one child in the program. The discount includes $25 for the 2nd child, $50 for the 3rd and $75 for the 4th, etc.

The lowest cost program with the standard discount and then every subsequent registration receives the additional

family discount. 

This is an effort to deliver on a major part of our mission which is accessibility. This sport we love is costly and we are making every effort to make it more affordable.

Registration August 1st through September 30th will be reduced to $25 for Mini and $50 for Devo, Junior PT and Junior FT.  Families will continue to be eligible for the sibling discount $25 for the 2nd child, $50 for the 3rd and $75 for the 4th,

as well.


Registration starting October 1st will no longer include early registration discounts.

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